when dead folks walk, do they know poetry?


(poetry diary 44)  My husband and I have been catching up on The Walking Dead, so I’m now looking for zombie poems.  I found a good 2012 NY Times article on zombie poetry here: 

What Rhymes With ‘Undead’? Some Poets Know – William Grimes – New York Times – January 13, 2012

I like this quote: 

“I’ve written a few vampire poems, but I always thought that vampires are too individualized,” said Victor Infante, the editor of the online poetry journal radiuslit.org, “They almost have to become characters. A zombie by definition has no personality, so you can concentrate on metaphor.”


Ancient question:

when dead folks walk, do they know poetry?

Or is it all just hunger, brains and meat?

Don’t fool yourself; a zombie does feel pain

It’s the pain itself that has no meaning.

from “Rebirth Is Always Painful” by Evan Peterson. Read more here (Scroll down.)

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