Dailies 10/3/16: Peonies framed by Sappho, a poem written for a friend who was introduced at a reading as an “impoverished poet,”& a boy running into the forest after a dog (“Stop, Turn Back”)


Peonies Framed by Sappho – Christine Stewart-Nuñez


Come then, loose me from cruelties

Frost, spring’s morning lace, no


longer endangers.  Ants unfurl

buds under a sheet of fog.  Feet

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Little Handheld, Little Movie in a Phone – Marianne Boruch 


This boy this boy this boy walks
into woods because
a dog goes deep—you barely make out
her dappled light.

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For Joe – Sandra Simonds 

Locked in the beauty of the pearl, far from frail,
these people who claim to love us still
they don’t give up much, do they, sealed? To eradicate class—
the looking glass of it, the complex glare: “Let me introduce
xxx, impoverished poet.” Winter let up

Read rest of poem 

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