Dailies, 9/25/16: a sunset, a dancing River Girl, & an NBA nominee


Cool. There’s finally an excerpt up from Jane Mead‘s World of Made and Unmade up on the web, via Poetry Daily. I’ve been looking for one so that I could finish my National Book Award 2016 nominee post, for which I’ve put up excerpts from all of the nominated books in case others want to check them out and make predictions on who they think will make the next cut. The one Mead was nominated for is a book-length poem.

And when there was nothing left
for her to do but die,
I brought my mother home with me.

I put her in the stone cabin
by the vineyard, cabin of her X
and now dead husband, my father,

Read rest of excerpt


At Verse Daily, Laura McCullough has “Mercy: Rivet Girl Listen To–“


Once, it was other music like a train

out of town.  I was that girl. Next door,

it’s aggrotech, dubstep, moombahton, power noise.

Read rest of poem 



Poets.org has “Sunset” by E.E. Cummings: 

Great carnal mountains crouching in the cloud
That marrieth the young earth with a ring,

Read rest of poem 

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