9/23/16: floods, electrons, & the color known as “lampblack”


At Poetry Daily, read Moira Egan’s 

A hurricane knocked out our power once.
Those weeks I read by oil lamp, wrote till late,
and dreamed of Mary Wroth and Dickinson.
The smoke curled up and left a smear of soot.

Read rest of poem 


At Verse Daily, there’s Susannah Nevison’s

Prisoners’ Parable of the Flood
I, even I, do bring a .flood of waters upon the earth. Gen. 6: 17


When the flood comes, we understand it

first with our mouths because we fill

Read rest of poem 


Poets.org has “Electrons” by Ruth Madievsky: 

The eye chews the apple,
sends the brain
an image of the un-apple. Which is similar
to the way I throw my voice
like a Frisbee, like salt
over a shoulder, a birthday party

Read rest of poem 

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