Audience member at Trump rally protests by reading a book of Claudia Rankine’s poetry

I found out about this via a good interview with Claudia Rankine up at The Washington Post:

MacArthur ‘Genius’ Claudia Rankine on the Power of Poetry – Jennifer Maloney – September 22, 2016

The interview also contains this quote by Rankine, among others:

“Poetry is the one place where your experience and your feelings are privileged and made legitimate and authentic.”


from Citizen, VI [On the train the woman standing]

On the train the woman standing makes you understand there are no seats available. And, in fact, there is one. Is the woman getting off at the next stop? No, she would rather stand all the way to Union Station.

The space next to the man is the pause in a conversation you are suddenly rushing to fill. You step quickly over the woman’s fear, a fear she shares. You let her have it.

Read rest of poem 


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