The dailies for 9/21/16 are “All About Flash,” Baltimore, and “this world of zoos/ and conquerors who treat/ earthlings like aliens”


Kamilah Aisha Moon has the poem-of-the-day. The inspiration for “Shared Plight,”  according to the description one can find by clicking the “More” tab at the top of the webpage, “came after watching the video of the tragedy at the Cincinnati Zoo involving a 450-pound gorilla and a three-year-old black boy who had fallen into the moat.”  The two people mentioned by full name in the poem, “Ota Benga in a Bronx cage,/
Saartjie Baartman on display—’ are, respectively, an African man who was put on display at the Bronx Zoo one hundred years ago,  and a South African woman who was displayed in shows around Britain two hundred years ago because she had a medical condition that gave her large buttocks.  Moon’s poem begins:

Bound to whims,
bred solely for
circuses of desire.
To hell with savannahs,
towns like Rosewood.

Read rest of poem 



At Poetry Daily, Afaa M. Weaver has a poem about Baltimore. It’s called “Immortal City, Immortal Heart.”

The hiss of air brakes on trucks slowing down
to turn into Key Highway, around the bend
under the cannon that kept Baltimore in the Union,
cinnamon and paprika sifting across the black harbor
from pots that made spice in the McCormick’s plant,

Read rest of poem 


At Verse Daily, Rachael Katz has a piece that’s “All About Flash.” 

I’m all about flash, the way
it praises the whites of my eyes
stereoblind, dumb, and musical like cardigan
narcotics or warehouse garbage: remembering
is just like that now—so much water in my

Read rest of poem

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