Dailies 9/20/16: Incarnation, fisherwomen, and nosy neighbors


Poets.org has a comforting poem by Alison Hawthorne Deming about end-of-life issues and parents.  It’s called “Resurrection.” 

My friend a writer and scientist
has retreated to a monastery
where he has submitted himself
out of exhaustion to not knowing.

Read rest of poem


Tracy May Fuad has the long, good “For the Fisherwoman” up at Verse Daily:


A girl who curls up in her seat is a hook

and a plane is a big metal barb dragging

people from place to place and a place

is a hook that wants you to make it a home.

Read rest of poem 


 Jill McDonough has an Ars Poetica piece that starts w/a garden and a nosy neighbor. At Poetry Daily, it’s called “Path to Nowhere.”

My neighbor stands on her back stoop, watches me stamp
on shovels, me sweat, me tug up trash trees in my yard.

This yard was all packed dirt, a crap-ass lack of grading.
One old syringe, a hundred broken bottles. She watches me

work. She loves to watch me work on my knees, digging, lifting,
flipping Goshen stone from pallets into pathways, raised

Read rest of poem 


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