in honor of country fair season

(poetry diary 30) I am afraid that I am nerd enough to, while waiting for my son to finish his ice cream at a fair yesterday, go looking for poems about country fairs on my iPhone.  “Country Fair” by Charles Simic was the first thing that popped up–it was good, but about a three-legged dog, which they didn’t have at the 2016 Guilford Fair. Thomas Hardy has one called “At a Country Fair,” which is about a dwarf leading a giant around, and that didn’t really fit either.  
Today I typed in “County” instead of “Country” and found something much more suitable to capturing a parent’s feeling at going with children to today’s fairs, written by Mary Karr: 
County Fair
On the mudroad of plodding American bodies,
         my son wove like an antelope from stall
to stall and want to want. I no’ed it all: the wind-up
         killer robot and winged alien; knives
hierarchical in a glass case; the blow-up vinyl wolf
         bobbing from a pilgrim’s staff.

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