“Still it is always so abrupt. /Sleep like an umbrella going up, /clumsy like a broken umbrella coming down”


(poetry diary 29) Good morning.

I’ve been experimenting with keeping a “poetry diary” now for over a month, so I guess it’s little surprise that I’ve started dreaming about poems.

This morning I dreamed that I was hunting for animal poems.  So when my kid woke me up I decided to post poems about wolves, as my kid is obsessed with wolves and I wanted to see what’s out there, but the ones I’ve found so far are too violent and depressing for me right now. (I’m still sleepy.) So, in honor of animal poems and sleepiness and the wish for gentle awakenings, here’s


Katie Peterson

We chose this animal to be our pet.
His indifference allowed us to sleep.
Cat, who made your ears bend back,
who made you lazy as quick?
Who made you work?
It is a wonder any sun is left.

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