Daily poems 9/14/16: Zen Masters, minor poets, sudden joyousness experienced while teaching, and Charleston Orlando


Heh. So I’m doing my daily round-up of the dailies, and the first ones I see, at Poetry Daily, are by my own father, Dick Allen. They’re from his new book Zen Master Poems.  I’ll write more about this later, but here’s an excerpt from the Poetry Daily site:

Excuse Me

“Excuse me,” the roshi said,
removing his earphone,
“I was just listening to some honkyoku
and thinking about a wandering monk I knew
whose passion was collecting sounds
on a Sony digital tape recorder. He played me

Read rest of poem 


William Kloefkorn has a poem at The Writer’s Almanac, noted as being from Cottonwood County, a book of poems by himself and Ted Kooser that was published in 1979. The poem is called

My Love for All Things Warm and Breathing

I have seldom loved more than one thing at a time,
yet this morning I feel myself expanding, each
part of me soft and glandular, and under my skin
is. room enough now for the loving of many things,
and all of them at once, these students especially,

Read rest of poem 


Louis Marie Harrod has a slightly depressing but honest poem at Verse Daily.  The title of the book it’s from, Nightmares of the Minor Poet, makes me want to read the whole book.

The Minor Poet Gives the Two-Poem Warning

Two more poems, the poet says,

much as the nicotine addict promises

just two more cigarettes before he quits.

Read rest of poem 



I’m also now going to start excerpting poems from Poets.org “Poem-a-Day” column here too, because I have just realized (duh) that they post work by contemporary poets in that column as well as good old dead ones.  In fact, their website says that “Poem-a-Day is the original and only daily digital poetry series featuring over 200 new, previously unpublished poems by today’s talented poets each year.”

Dan Rader has an important one today called

Self-Portrait in Charleston, Orlando

The news this morning
said that Ramadi
had fallen to ISIS
and that the president
did not have a plan
to push them back
into the Anbar province
though I have a plan
to walk down to the
beach in silence perhaps

Read rest of poem 



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