Poets shouldn’t feel threatened by social media


At BBC News, there’s a fascinating op-ed by Brian Bilston. In England Bilston “has been dubbed the unofficial poet laureate of Twitter.” (“Brian Bilston” is a pseudonym–it’s not yet publicly known who the author really is.)

The barrage of information that is thrown at us means that plain words on a page are becoming less likely to be read. People struggle to find the time, inclination or powers of concentration to wade through pages of dense text. Words find themselves in competition with pictures. And less is often more.

But poets shouldn’t feel threatened by this in a social media setting – rather, it gives us the opportunity to think about form as well as content, and how the presentation of a poem might enhance or complement the words which accompany it.

Read the rest of Bilston’s article “How I accidentally became a poet through Twitter” here

Also see

Brian Bilston: the Poet Laureate of Twitter by Sarah Gilmartin at The Irish Times (April 6, 2016, where he’s compared to Banksy.

“Generally, the visual poems are the most popular,” he says. “One of the advantages of being rather unschooled in What Proper Poetry Should Be is that it makes it easier to play around. We live in a very visually literate world and I like to think about how my poems look as well as what they might say.”


Find Bilston’s Twitter page here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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