The dailies: September 9, 2016


At Poetry Daily,  Alison Pelegrin’s  “Owl with No Address” captures an experience that’s probably recognizable to many people (that of wondering what happened to an often-sighted animal) but which usually doesn’t seem significant enough to talk about…which is one reason why it’s so cool to see it in a poem.

Sue Ellen Thompson details a pregnant moment in“11 Park Vista.” (The Writer’s Almanac.)

Carl Phillips has a beautiful poem at Verse Daily called “Darkening, Brightening.”  It’s not easy to consciously figure out what’s going on in this piece, but reading it repeatedly while trying to tease out meaning produces much aesthetic pleasure.

It starts:

Listening’s not enough, you’ve gotta watch them, that way they feel
less lonely.
Him singing. Maybe I’m singing it. Latest hunch:
it’s been too late, forever. Raft of sunset. Swing
of the mind like a fist, swinging—rough here, here
more delicate, as if undecided: to mean no harm, or

Read rest of poem 


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