Write a list poem & send it to David Lehman for possible inclusion in his American Scholar column!

Oh, wow. I just found out about David Lehman’s “Next Line, Please” column at The American Scholar.  Much fun! He gives a poetry prompt, then chooses the best responses to talk about in his column.

The next deadline is Monday, September 12, 2016.  Here’s the first paragraph of instructions:

For next week, let’s begin a list poem—on the model of the great list songs in the American songbooke.g., “You’re the Top” (Cole Porter), “Thanks for the Memory” (music Ralph Rainger, lyrics Leo Robin), “Can’t Get Started” (music Vernon Duke, lyrics Ira Gershwin), “They All Laughed” (Gershwin and Gershwin), “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” (Gershwin and Gershwin), “My Favorite Things” (Rodgers and Hammerstein), “(We’ll Have) Manhattan” (Rodgers and Hart), to mention just a few. The formula requires a stanza with a refrain.

See the rest of Lehman’s column for the rest of the instructions.   That column also include’s the best reader-submissions of Labor Day poems. Last week’s good one was on fake apologies, such as William Carlos Williams’s “This Is Just to Say.”

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