pouring hot chocolate through Eliot’s letterbox


Mary Kay Wilmers, editor of The London Review of Books, tells about her experiences working with T.S. Eliot at Faber. Of Eliot’s first wife Vivien, who was mentally ill and who is said to have helped inspire “The Waste Land,” Wilmers writes that she was:

a very determined, stubborn woman, unlikely to give any ground. When she wasn’t allowed to leave some of her husband’s favourite hot chocolate for him she poured it through the letterbox, and if she got to know that he was giving a lecture somewhere in London she would stand outside the hall holding a placard that read, as I’ve always (and wrongly) remembered it: ‘This is the wife he abandoned.’ Sadly, but no doubt accurately, the various biographies substitute ‘I am’ for ‘This is’.

Read more: Subjective Correlative -Mary-Kay Wilmers – August 11, 2016 – London Review of Books

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