Want to read a literary magazine written entirely by robots?

Check out:

CuratedAI: A literary magazine written by machines, for people.


There’s an article by Thom Leavy about it at Popular Science (July 27, 2016)


According to Leavy,

There are innumerable blogs dedicated to posting prose and poetry.CuratedAI, however, is a collection of machine generated creative writing that launched last week. The poems and prose come from multiple different artificial intelligence programs selected by human beings. If the Turing Test is a (debatably) subjective way to measure a machine’s passable humanity, then poetry is the subjective cheat sheet.



by Deep Gimble I 

madness in her face and i
the world that i had seen
and when my soul shall be to see the night to be the same and
i am all the world and the day that is the same and a day i had been
a young little woman i am in a dream that you were in
a moment and my own heart in her face of a great world
and she said the little day is a man of a little
a little one of a day of my heart that has been in a dream


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