More on the viral “White Boy Privilege”


According to CBS, more than 8 million people have see the “White Boy Privilege” Spoken Word poem. (See the video here at Tribrach or click on the picture above for the video & news commentary.)

At The Blaze, (July 15, 2016) Scott Morefield crtiticizes the viral poem:

Brainwashed Prep School Teenager Wins ‘Poetry Slam’ Lamenting ‘White Boy Privilege’

Quote from op ed:

That’s right, the white guilt already runs strong with this 14-year-old, who has likely been taught his entire life that if it weren’t for his evil pale-skinned tribe the world would pretty much be a big round bed of roses, peace pipes, and hula girls dancing around campfires.

I certainly don’t want to be too hard on the boy. By all appearances, he seems to be intelligent, well-adjusted and, in all actuality, a pretty brave kid considering he had the guts to speak out loud, much less “poetry slam,” in front of all those people. But, given the truckloads of politically-correct garbage typical kids, especially ones in fenced-off, fancy prep schools (all that white-guilt, don’t cha know), are spoon-fed from the age they can understand English, the poor guy likely never had a chance at developing a healthy worldview.


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