This video of “The Tyger” is like something Neil Gaiman “dreamed as a boy”

     But check out the short 2006 film based on it by Guilherme Marcondes.  Marcondes collaborated with puppeteers, scriptwriter Andrezza Valentin (who is also Marcondes’ wife) and the band ZEROUM to make a pice that Neil Gaiman has said is “like something I’d dreamed as a boy.”  In it, a tiger stalks through Marcondes’ home town of Sao Paulo.
     Read more about the video in Roger Whitson and Jason Whittaker’s William Blake and the Digital Humanities: Collaboration, Participation and Social Media, (where I found the Gaiman quote at) which Amazon describes as being about how “contemporary authors, musicians and filmmakers feel compelled to use Blake in their own creations.”

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