R.I.P. Bill Knott

KNOT (Hendecasyllabics)

by Bill Knott

After you’ve sewn it, bite the thread off my grave—
Please leave no loose seam of me to wave above
The bones unknitting, the flesh unweaving love.

Found via Kirsten Kaschock’s The Last Poem I Loved: “Minor Poem” by Bill Knott.  The Rumpus, 9/5/2011

When he was young, he faked his own death.  When he was older, he put all of his poems and rejection slips, up on-line for free.  He was a major influence on many, many poets. 

Read more about Knott and his career at RIP Bill Knott, 1940-2014.  Coldfront.  


Bill Knott

The way the world is not
astonished at you
it doesn’t blink a leaf
when we step from the house
leads me to think
that beauty is natural, unremarkable
and not to be spoken of
except in the course of things
the course of singing and worksharing
the course of squeezes and neighbors
the course of you, tying back your raving hair to go out
and the course, of course, of me
astonished at you
the way the world is not.


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