How NOT to write a poetry mash-up

Andrew Slattery was going for a cento-like feel in his poetry, (See for a definition of “cento” plus an example by Simone Muench) but did not acknowledge what he was doing or attribute lines to the original authors.  According to The Australian’s Stephen Romei in Poet uses defense of ‘collage poetry’ after recycling Plath Lines (September 12, 2013):

Slattery’s deception came to light in the internecine poetry community recently when he was chosen as the winner of this year’s Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize for his long poem Ransom.

It quickly emerged the poem was “substantially the work of other people” and Slattery was disqualified and did not receive the $10,000 prize money.

An analysis of Ransom shows that it is almost entirely the work of others; 113 of its 132 lines were lifted from various published poems, mainly by American writers.
Seems like a pretty decent poet on his own, one who didn’t have to do this.  Here are a few poems by Slattery found on the Web:
The Pig in the Pool, at Shampoo. 
3 poems at Subtle Tea.
Anniversary at The Apple Valley Review. 

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